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BASALTO Collection

In Terraklinker the highest firing temperature (1,360º C), the stability of the ceramic dough and the different atmospheres of the kiln are well balanced. Such harmony is essential to achieve the high technical specifications present in all Terraklinker’s collections.

Thanks to its extreme hardness, thermal shock resistance and excellent behaviour in frost (it resists temperatures below -40º C), the ceramic floors with Terraklinker are the safest solution to regions with extreme weather conditions.

The natural klinker BASALTO has great resistance to acids and chemical products, and offers an anti-slip structure that is highly recommended for terraces and swimming pool edges, since it gives safety to those traffic areas with high levels of humidity and steep slopes.

BASALTO is ceramics with great robustness and very good resistance to erosion, compression and abrasion, making up for the effects produced by varied atmospheric agents. This combination of top technical specifications makes it suitable for domestic and public projects. It also offers good solutions to any architectural needs in projects for outdoor areas and becomes a lasting investment with minimum maintenance.

When it comes to ‘dressing’ plain spaces, but with harmony and charm, construction professionals choose this natural klinker since it fully satisfies the most demanding standards of nowadays architecture.

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