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LAVA Collection

LAVA is natural extruded klinker made up of high quality clays, rich in oxides, extracted from quarries near Terraklinker’s manufacturing plant. These carefully selected clays make the ceramic dough that, once extruded, is fired at high temperature with complex atmospheres in intermittent kilns.

Its long firing process allows an optimal result, not only for its technical specifications, but also for its manifest aesthetics and authentic subtle differences in shading. As its name reminds us, LAVA comes from the heart of the Earth and, because of its colour with exquisite burgundy shades, it evokes the nobility of good wine.

Terraklinker has an excellent behaviour in frost and good resistance to thermal shock. It resists temperatures below -40º C and remains unalterable in sudden climatic changes. Terraklinker outdoor floorings are the safest solution to regions with extreme weather conditions.

The natural stoneware of Terraklinker offers a slip-resistant structure, highly recommended for outdoor terraces and swimming pool edges since it gives security to those traffic areas with high level of humidity and steep slopes. It also has great resistance to aggressive chemical substances.

LAVA is natural klinker with excellent resistance to abrasion, compression and impact. This combination of top technical specifications makes it suitable for domestic projects as well as public areas.

Thanks to its intrinsic texture, Terraklinker turns out unique among all the natural extruded klinkers.

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