When choosing the floor tiles for our home we consider both the aesthetic and technical qualities of the material to be fixed. Terraklinker combines those two qualities, since it has a vibrant personality and remains unaltered over time. Its chromatic tones combine very well with its surroundings: it’s a rustic stoneware whose tonal variations make it stand out among all extruded ceramics; on the other hand, it combines perfectly with other noble materials of nature such as wood, slate and other natural stones. Its genuine subtle differences in shading allow you to mix different batches without any noticeable difference, making it easier to carry out extensions and/or renovations at a later date. The colors remain vivid and their tonality does not change over the years or fade due to solar radiation.

For its aesthetic and technical qualities, numerous resorts choose Terraklinker. They value the durability and the inalterability of its floor tiles over time, as well as the warmth of their texture. The security to circulate safely in the outdoor spaces of hotels is also extremely important, especially in the areas around the swimming pools and other places for children’s entertainment. Terraklinker floor tiles are safe in walkway areas, even when the tiles are wet: Terraklinker tiles meet the requirements of the Technical Building Code (CTE in Spain) which is the regulatory framework that sets the requirements that buildings must meet in relation to the basic safety and habitability specifications. According to the basic requirements of Safety of Use (SU), with regard to ceramic tiles, in the Basic Document of Safety against the risk of falls (SU1), it is established that “floor surfaces shall be suitable for facilitating circulation and preventing people from slipping”. Terraklinker rustic stoneware achieves the highest classification, grade 3. And unlike what happens with glazed porcelain ceramic tiles, Terraklinker natural clinker maintains class 3 over the years.

Terraklinker natural extruded stoneware has been fixed in different spaces that require a material of great resistance and durability, such as golf clubs, aquaparks, spas, ski resorts, sports facilities, rural houses, wineries or resorts. In those projects, specifiers contemplate the great robustness of klinker floor tiles, their inalterability over time, as well as their uniqueness with their exclusive color range.

As a result of its great robustness, its slip resistance that prevents falls and slips, its excellent resistance to salt, snow and ice, Terraklinker extruded stoneware is fixed in spaces with extreme environmental conditions which require high technical properties. It has been successfully fixed in seafront promenades, public squares, shopping centers and even schools.

Terraklinker extruded tiles are fixed in both public and private projects, terraces, hotels and industries for example.

Terraklinker recquires an optimal balance between the highest firing temperature (1,360º C), the stability of the ceramic dough and the different atmospheres of the kiln. This harmony is essential to get the high technical specifications present in all Terraklinker’s collections.

Terraklinker natural extruded stoneware suits in industrial floorings with intense traffic; it can withstand extreme conditions, reason why it can pave industries such as glass factories and tanneries. With Terraklinker extruded stoneware we speak on the one hand of a clinker with excellent mechanical characteristics, a hardness 8 on the Mohs scale, a high resistance to bending (> 30 N / mm2) and to impacts, wear, abrasion (<180 mm3), and to thermal shock also. On the other hand, it is a clinker with excellent resistance to acids and bases.

Due to its natural properties of non-slip ceramic, Terraklinker guarantees maximum safety by avoiding slips and falls. Terraklinker can also be presented with a greater thickness if an industrial flooring requires a reinforced material.