Earth, water, air and fire are the components that give Terraklinker floor tiles the touch of nobility characteristic of natural ceramic products.

Its great robustness makes it suitable for heavy traffic areas not only indoors but also outdoors.

The NATURAL collection also stands out because of its outstanding range of floor tiles formats and special pieces that aid the solution to any construction project.

Its genuine and natural subtle differences in shading as well as its warm tonality are inspired in the colourful diversity of nature.

ANTICA Collection is ceramic that combines the crafted production processes with the contribution of the latest technological advances in the manufacturing of natural extruded stoneware, thus accomplishing great ceramic quality. ANTICA floor tiles remind us of the beauty of terra cotta floorings and evoke the warmth of the Mediterranean.

It can be applied not only outdoors but also indoors and it does not need any treatment after fixing.

In rural surroundings, where noble materials like stone and ceramics match so well, ANTICA blends in perfectly.

LAVA is natural extruded klinker made up of high quality clays extracted from quarries near Terraklinker factory.

These are carefully selected clays with no additional flux; the ceramic dough, previously extruded, is processed in intermittent kilns and submitted to high temperatures that reach 1,360º C.

Its long and complex process of manufacturing allows an optimal result not only for its technical specifications but also for its exclusive aesthetic texture, a natural subtle difference in shading that stands out for its balanced burgundy and metallic shades.

When it comes to ‘dressing’ plain spaces, but with charm and harmony, construction professionals choose this natural klinker since it fully satisfies the most demanding standards of nowadays architecture.

Thanks to its extreme hardness, its resistance to thermal shock and excellent behaviour in frost, Terraklinker’s ceramic floors are a very safe solution in regions with harsh weather.

Terraklinker recquires an optimal balance between the highest firing temperature (1,360º C), the stability of the ceramic dough and the different atmospheres of the kiln. This harmony is essential to get the high technical specifications present in all Terraklinker’s collections.

The collection has excellent technical characteristics of resistance and durability like our 4 collections of klinker: Natural, Antica,  Lava and Basalto. Duna provides softness thanks to a smoother texture; however it maintains good performance as a non-slip flooring that makes it a perfect material for the construction of pool surroundings. The subtle differences in shading of the Duna collection of Terraklinker will certainly contribute to the success of your future projects.

STRATUS collection


Natural stone step risers that combine perfectly with our stairs from Duna, Natural and Basalto collections.

They are a perfect decoration element to dress your stairs with elegance and sobriety.