Rustic stoneware for industrial projects

Terraklinker natural extruded stoneware suits in industrial floorings with intense traffic; it can withstand extreme conditions, reason why it can pave industries such as glass factories and tanneries.

With Terraklinker extruded stoneware we speak on the one hand of a clinker with excellent mechanical characteristics, a hardness 8 on the Mohs scale, a high resistance to bending (> 30 N / mm2) and to impacts, wear, abrasion (<180 mm3), and to thermal shock also. On the other hand, it is a clinker with excellent resistance to acids and bases.

Due to its natural properties of non-slip ceramic, Terraklinker guarantees maximum safety by avoiding slips and falls.

Terraklinker can also be presented with a greater thickness if an industrial flooring requires a reinforced material.

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