With Gres de Breda on terraces and pool edges, technology combines very well with aesthetics. The chromatic range of each collection with their natural texture and colour variation bring warmth to the whole place.

Gres de Breda is highly valued for its wide range of models for pool edgings, for the special pieces that complement those edges and especially for the inherent characteristic of the product, the safety when walking on wet surfaces.

TerraKlinker Natural Stoneware remains unchanged after the use of the additives that ensure the good maintenance of swimming pools.

Special mention should be made to its excellent weather and thermal shock resistance: it resists both low and high temperatures. Furthermore, Gres de Breda colours do not fade with solar radiation.

Gres de Breda is a slip resistant ceramic, an essential quality for outdoor projects in contact with water. Its non-slip surface has top performance both in dry and wet areas, offering very effective solutions in many projects and installations.

Gres de Breda floor tiles show the highest results in slip-resistance tests:

  • Walking with footwear on a water-wet inclined surface, Gres de Breda gets category R12 in the test Din 51130,
  • Walking barefoot on a water-wet inclined surface, Gres de Breda gets category C in the text Din 51097.

We can emphasize that to ensure its slip resistance, no component is added to the surface of the klinker tiles. Being inherent to the material all the floor tiles and the special pieces of the different collections of Terraklinker are non-slip. Therefore, we can say that Gres de Breda is a safe ceramic for swimming pool decks.

Both the texture and the micro relief of Gres de Breda pieces provide good foot grip, avoiding slips and falls so frequent and dangerous in pool areas. When walking down the stairs of Gres de Breda you can safely reach the water.

For the pool water conservation, we usually use pH correctors, algaecides, flocculants, chlorine, anti-scale products, bromine, etc. Gres de Breda resists all these chemical agents and additives.

Gres de Breda is fixed in the decks of the popular pools with salt. In those pools no additive is added, only salt is used. A controlled amount of salt is diluted in the water and then sodium hypochlorite will be produced by a chemical reaction, which allows the disinfection of the water. Gres de Breda perfectly resists the treatment of pool water with salt.

When you have to choose a pool edging, you can opt for the Mediterranean edging for traditional pools with the advantage of having both the internal and external corners.

In those pools where the water reaches the same level as the edge of the pool, the Finnish overflow system is used. Thanks to this system, water constantly overflows the surface of the pool, consequently dirt and impurities do not affect the total volume of water. You can choose between two types of overflow edgings, the Finlandesa model and the XL model.

Most overflow pools require a grill system that covers the pipe system used to collect water from the pool. Gres de Breda offers two models, the L grill and the XL grill, both with their inner corners ensuring a better finishing. In fact, the ceramic grills with corners allow getting a very attractive visual aspect for pools and surroundings.

For overflow pools and drainage on terraces, you can choose between two types of drains. Gres de Breda drains with their natural stoneware grills offer a comprehensive solution to your terraces and pool decks.
We advise to put a drain with a hole (located on the side of the drain) every 9 fixed pieces.