pavimento exterior rústico de gres extrusionado antideslizante y duradero en casa rural

Rustic natural stoneware for your terrace

When it comes to choosing a floor surface for your terrace, nothing beats a natural ceramic material, especially one that is also in tune with its surroundings. With Terraklinker natural extruded stoneware, you can tile your terrace in your preferred style: Nordic, with the Basalto and Lava collections, Mediterranean with the Natural collection or rustic with the Antica collection.

The variation in the shades of Terraklinker natural tiles is an intended effect. According to its location in the kiln, the tiles will acquire a shade or another. The colour tone of Terraklinker products is one of its intrinsic characteristics. With Terraklinker natural stoneware you can tile your patio and all your outdoor spaces, and you will obtain a flooring which fits in extremely well with your garden’s landscaping.

You can create a visual continuity between the various environments by tiling with Terraklinker the terrace, your veranda and also inside your home. We have several formats of our Natural collection with a smooth finish designed for interiors.


Hard-wearing ceramics for terraces

Terraklinker natural stoneware tiles do not need any treatment to be non-slip, it is an intrinsic characteristic of our material. You can rest assured about your safety, since there is no risk of falling or slipping, even when the floor is wet.

All Gres de Breda klinker pieces are hard-wearing, colour-fast and unalterable over time. Terraklinker is a very safe solution in regions with harsh weather thanks to its thermal-shock resistance and its frost resistance. Terraklinker ceramic paving tiles withstand temperatures below -40º C complying with the UNE-EN-ISO 10545-12 and UNE-EN-ISO 10545-9 standards. We invite you anyway to follow our instructions for a proper frost-resistant klinker fixing.

Thanks to a wide range of special pieces, you can find the most fitting architectural solution for the space you wish to outfit with Terraklinker. For example, our ramp can help facilitate circulation through an area with a steep slope. For water collection, you can choose between two types of channels with their respective grills. And in order to achieve a perfect finish for your windows, you can use our windowsills which fit in perfectly with the chosen floor surface.

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