Ceramic flooring

Características de los pavimentos cerámicos Terraklinker – Gres de Breda

Thanks to its extrusion manufacturing process, the back of Terraklinker pieces has grooves called dovetails. Those grooves improve the contact surface between the adhesive and the ceramic piece in order to give optimal grip properties of our material to the base to be tiled.

 The paving tiles with natural clinker are a very safe solution, there is no risk of slipping. Terraklinker is certified by accredited laboratories as extruded klinker with high slip resistance. It is a ceramic with R-12 grade according to DIN 51130. It also has grade 3 of the Technical Building Code (CTE in Spain) according to ENV 12633: 2003, which is the highest classification to recommend non-slip paving tiles. On very steep slopes, our ramp piece provides total safety, thanks to its embossed finish that prevents falls and slips.

Terraklinker cumple los requisitos de la norma UNE-ENV 12633:2003 del Código Técnico de la Edificación con la clase 3
Terraklinker obtiene la clasificación R12 según la norma DIN 51130 – Muy buena resistencia al resbalamiento según el método de la rampa con calzado normalizado e interposición de aceite
Terraklinker cumple la norma UNE-EN ISO 10545-12 – Resistencia a las heladas
Terraklinker cumple los requisitos de la clase C según la norma DIN 51097 – Alta resistencia al resbalamiento según el método de la rampa de andar descalzo e interposición de agua

Formats of Terraklinker’s stoneware floor tiles

Terraklinker tiles have several classic formats, square and rectangular, the largest are 41x41x2.3 and 25x50x1.9. The thickness of the pieces varies between 13 mm and 23 mm depending on the format.

However, for floors that require greater robustness (for road traffic on industrial floors, for example) Terraklinker offers thicker floor tiles in the following formats: 15x15x2.3 – 15x30x2.3 – 15x41x2.3 – 41x41x2.8.

Terraklinker also offers other formats with great personality, such as Scata, Naveta and Alfardón.

To achieve a distinctive look in the spaces to tile, our extruded klinker collections present a great variety of special pieces, which are completed thanks to a thorough design work and the extrusion manufacturing process. Terraklinker offers a wide range of accessories, surpassing those offered by any other type of ceramic.

We put at your disposal basic instructions to fix natural klinker so that you can achieve an optimal ceramic flooring where the expansion and structural joints are respected…

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