TERRAKLINKER S.L.L. produces and commercializes the well-known ceramic tiles Gres de Breda, natural klinker that stands for great quality and distinction.
Led by professionals who are highly experienced in producing Extruded Klinker, TERRAKLINKER represents an enterprise which, thanks to its exclusive methods of production, guarantees optimal and unique results for all its manufactured goods.

TERRAKLINKER’s main objective is based on the research and development of new products, with the help of traditional expertise and modern technology to highly satisfy the latest growing market demands. We keep on betting for quality solutions and natural ceramic products to thrill our customers.

The word “Klinker” or “Clinker”

… has its origin in northern Europe with high fired bricks. It currently refers to an extruded ceramic fired at very high temperature. Klinker stands out for its great robustness, its low water absorption and its high mechanical and chemical resistance.