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Variety of formats with Terraklinker

The well-known tiles of Terraklinker are the traditional square formats, nevertheless the range is much bigger. You can choose between rectangular formats and our special formats… Those models give way to a geometry which enriches...

Frost-resistant klinker fixing

Terraklinker floor tiles resist thermal changes and temperatures below -40º C (they comply with the UNE- EN-ISO 10545-12 and UNE-EN-ISO 10545-9 standards). It is also necessary to use the appropriate building materials for severe climates. Consult the...

Instructions for the fixing of klinker step tiles

We recommend the use of the following building materials: Bonding material (2) Use a flexible adhesive cement, type C2 Perform the buttering-floating technique: with a toothed trowel cover the tile and the support with the adhesive cement filling up all...

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